Are you Protected with Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions?

If your IT processes were to be wiped out tomorrow, how would you carry on with your business? It is extremely important to have backup and disaster recovery services in place so that you do not need to be faced with a total data loss that threatens the lifeblood of your business.Two things that you should have in place are a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) so that if you do experience a disaster you will be able to access and restore your business data and your IT processes.

A Recovery Time Objective is the amount of time and service level that it would take to fully restore the business process after a major disruption or total disaster. The RTO may include the time that is spent trying to make repairs with recovery, the time needed for the recovery of the data and processes, testing and any communications to users of the system.

A Recovery Point Objective is the longest period of time that is still tolerable in which data maybe lost due to a major event. The RPO is a limit that is set that system designers can work to. If the RPO is set to a certain amount of back up hours then off site backups that mirror the system need to be maintained on a continuous basis. Backup and disaster recovery solutions are an important part of data protection and should be undertaken by professional companies with off-site storage facilities. Backup And Disaster Recovery Solutions at Business Name is so much less expensive.

If you have not considered backing up your data or providing for recovery in the event of a disaster, you should consider what it will mean to you to lose your data and your entire IT system, even for a day. Once you have had time to think about what kind of disaster this could mean for your business, you should contact Business Name to arrange a managed IT support services consultation at Business Name. Once you make the appropriate arrangements to protect your data you can feel safe in the knowledge that your data is safe and can be recovered if something goes wrong.

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