When To Choose Induction Hardening Processes

Apr 02, 19 When To Choose Induction Hardening Processes

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Not all types of metal parts and components need to have a protective, hard, external case. Case hardening processes add costs to the production of parts and components, and if they are not necessary, these added processes are ineffective and costly. On the other hand, case hardening is essential in many types of components, mainly where direct metal on metal contact is a concern. A prime example of this is in gears, but it is also important in any part where a significant load is a factor to consider. By using hardening, the risk of failure or fatigue in these types of parts is significantly reduced, extending the life of the system or the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. Induction hardening is slightly different from case hardening, and it is equally used throughout many industries. Case hardening is cost effective and a good choice when the entire surface of the par t or component has to be hardened, which induction is a better option when only specific parts of the component have to be hardened. Specific Hardening With the choice of induction hardening, only specific surfaces, such as gear teeth or the metal to metal surfaces of the part are hardened. This process can be completed on a large-scale with a production line, but this all depends on the equipment and the expertise of the service provider. The use of the process allows for the specific application of the desired heat to the exact parts of the workpiece. The exact temperature is reached quickly as the limited surface of the part is easier to heat to the desired temperature than the overall part surface. The specifics of the process, including the heating temperature, the power required and the complex shape of the part can all be taken into consideration for a highly effective process. This often makes induction hardening the best option for complex parts or for parts where the specific depth of hardening is an important factor to consider. Be the first...

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How Does a Commercial Real Estate Loan Work in Kalispell?

Mar 14, 19 How Does a Commercial Real Estate Loan Work in Kalispell?

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Commercial real estate loans differ from residential mortgage loans due to the fact that they are used exclusively to finance income generating properties in which businesses are operated. Investors usually must establish some type of business entity, i.e. an LLC, in order to qualify for commercial real estate loan. Kalispell banks and financial institutions offer these loans to prospective investors. Commercial property borrowers are also required by the institutions making these loans to put up collateral or property as a lien in order to secure the loan. The lender will have the ability to seize the commercial property if the borrower ever defaults on the loan payments. Credit Worthiness One factor used to evaluate the ability to obtain both residential and commercial property loans is credit worthiness. However, as it concerns commercial real estate, lenders also examine the potential income production of the property when evaluating whether to approve a real estate loan request. Even though commercial real estate loans appear to be more risky than residential mortgages, lenders can benefit significantly by the potential financial windfall available through commercial properties. For instance, commercial properties may consist of a number of businesses that attract wealthy tenants along with a significant amount of foot traffic by customers. As a result, the lender in this case may have great expectation to earn significant revenue generated by the commercial property. Calculating a Real Estate Loan Investors can evaluate their real estate financing scenario by utilizing particular data, including the loan amount, amortization term, interest rate, and any balloon payments if applicable. The total principle on the commercial loan is represented by the loan payment. The interest rate on these loans can vary significantly by the lender. Terms on a typical commercial loan can range from 5 to 20 years. The amortization period can actually extend longer than the loan-term. Balloon payments occur when a borrower makes payments during the course of the loan term, but then is required to make the last payment for any remaining amount...

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New International Trucks for Sale in Texas – The Lonestar Series

Mar 14, 19 New International Trucks for Sale in Texas – The Lonestar Series

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Navistar International makes some of the finest trucks on the road today. They offer a wide range of vehicles for every kind of trucking need. If you need a rig which is easy on your drivers and efficient, the Lonestar Series is worth checking out. Here are some of the good things you receive when you choose this vehicle from your dealer offering new International trucks for sale in Texas. A Classic Restored The looks of the Lonestar resemble the trucks of many decades ago. Navistar engineers received inspiration from the past while looking to the future. This truck is designed and built for driver comfort and efficiency. For example, the mirrors are specifically designed for preventing driver neck discomfort and strain. Visibility When you check out new International trucks for sale in Texas, look at the Lonestar doors. They make it easier for your drivers to see what is happening behind them with improved mirror visibility. The side windows improve driver visibility too. In cold and inclement weather, a high-performance windshield defrost system gives drivers a clear view of the road. Fuel Efficiency Getting the best fuel economy for your truck is not just a convenience; it is a necessity in today’s trucking industry. This is why the Lonestar has an aerodynamically designed hood. Special care was taken to reduce the vehicle weight without sacrificing safety or performance. The drive train is optimized for maximum efficiency. Options You can choose an ergonomically designed day or sleeper cab offering four different configurations for increased comfort. Choose the kind of fuel tanks you need from 70 to 140-gallon capacity. Select from 4 different automated manual transmissions and several manual transmission options. To see all the features this truck has to offer, visit your dealer offering new International trucks for sale in Texas today. Be the first to...

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How to Blend Rustic Wood Doors Into Your Modern Home

Feb 14, 19 How to Blend Rustic Wood Doors Into Your Modern Home

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Many times, homeowners see the use of rustic wood doors as something meant just for a cabin or a home out in the country. This does not have to be the case. If you love the look and feel of these doors, you most certainly can add them to any type of home you have. You can even incorporate them into your modern home. Wood is charming and full of character. It adds a sense of nature to any décor. To make this look possible, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Select Doors Designed for Your Home One of the best ways to add a rustic wood door to your home’s interior is to have them custom made for you. This allows you to choose everything from the color or stain to the shape and cut. You can use these doors in any type of modern space then. Allow the wood to blend in with other types of wood in your home. Or, you can make the door a statement piece by engraving something meaningful into it. There is no limit to what you can make happen here. Invest in Quality Workmanship When you need to make an investment like this, invest in a company capable of providing you with an exceptional level of service. To do this, they need to be able to provide you with doors that are charming, beautiful, and custom made. They can even help you make your rustic and modern look blend well. Rustic wood doors can be an asset in your home. Consider the many ways you can use them to really enjoy a charming and beautiful living space. It may be easier to do this than you thought was possible especially if you use the right company to help you make it happen. Be the first to...

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Why Invest In An Illumina DNA Sequencer?

Feb 12, 19 Why Invest In An Illumina DNA Sequencer?

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In the past, Sanger sequencing was the only option for researchers and medical experts to use in sequencing DNA. The use of CE or capillary electrophoresis offered many benefits and is still in use. However, it is slower, has limited scalability and has a limited throughput capacity, which impacts how efficient it is to use. With new technology in place, the Illumina DNA sequencer models overcome these barriers to provide rapid, accurate and highly scalable sequencing potential. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been used for many years, allowing for extremely accurate genetic information and sequencing abilities. The Cost Factor While researchers and labs understand the importance of being able to access this new technology, there is still the practical issue of the cost of adding this equipment to a lab. As with any technology, options and features with the equipment can add to the base price of the new models. There are some important options to keep in mind that make adding a current model of the Illumina DNA sequencer to a lab a cost-effective option. In addition, the ability to produce massive amounts of data in a single sequencing run makes this equipment a very good return on investment. Unlike some systems and equipment, the Illumina models are very small and are easily used on existing countertops or workstations. As an easy to operate and user-friendly system, this is an ideal option as a primary or secondary sequencer in any lab. Used and Refurbished A very effective way to reduce the cost of a new system is to purchase a used or refurbished Illumina DNA sequencer. These systems can provide savings of fifty percent or more off of the cost of new models. The refurbished equipment from top suppliers comes with a warranty, providing peace of mind with the purchase. Be the first to...

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