Autism Clinical Trials Help Find Therapies for Autistic Patients

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Business And Finance

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Autism isn’t new, but in the last decade or so it has received quite a bit of attention. Most doctors will say that genetic defects in the brain are permanent, but that autistic adults can focus on managing the symptoms related to autism. With adult autism clinical trials at Costa Mesa facilities, autistic adults can take part in trying to find new drugs that help manage different stages of autism.

Medications for Different Stages

Autism is unique because no two cases are the same. There are typical symptoms, but no two patients seem to exhibit the exact same symptoms. This makes it difficult to cure autism, and some researchers aren’t even sure how soon a cure for autism will be found. Autism happens in different stages. Certain autistic adults may be able to carry on a conversation but shut down if their senses become overloaded. Autism can cause aggression, yelling, pacing, repetitive movement of the hands or arms, and an inability to control behaviors.

Adult autism clinical trials in Costa Mesa strive to research the latest autism drugs for adults to see how effective the drugs are at controlling behavior. Different drugs do different things, and researchers need to know if one drug is better for controlling aggression, while another may work better for reducing sensory overload.

Pros and Cons of Adult Autism Medication Trials

The pros of participating in adult autism clinical trial in Costa Mesa are being able to test drugs not on the market, helping the medical community make informed decisions about the types of drugs to offer, and being able to help the pharmaceutical company decide if a drug is helping or acting ineffectively. The major con that autistic clinical trial participants face is testing a drug that has a positive effect but not being able to continue it after the trial. Years can pass between the time you test a drug and when it’s offered on the market.

If researchers can’t prove that the drug helps autism in a large percentage of the people tested, it’s unlikely that the government will allow for the release of the drug. This means that if you are one of the few the drug helped, you may never get to take it if it’s not approved. That’s why it’s important to help in clinical trials, so the best drugs can get on the market and help autistic adults regain their lives.

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