Avoid Complicated Disclosure Documents by Buying New

California has some of the strictest disclosure laws in the U.S. Disclosure laws force the owners in a real estate deal to disclose all they know about the condition of their home. Although this works in the buyer’s favour, in some cases for as long as 10 years, it can prove to be a lot of paper work to review which can get costly and take up a lot of time. Buying new Bay Area Condos for Sale can sometimes make this a lot easier.

Disclosure Laws

Many agents use a boiler plate questionnaire that allows home owners to answer specific questions. This works in two ways. First it helps honest home owners remember events that they might have otherwise forgotten. Second it asks specific questions that record answers that can be tracked should anything go wrong. Home owners then have a document that will legally oblige the former owners to provide financing should anything falsely represented on the documents go wrong.

Specific Questions

The San Francisco area has some pretty interesting questions covering everything from unusual odors to recent deaths in the home. Honest answers are also expected for questions about noisy or disagreeable neighbors and of course anything in the home that might be in ill repair. These are areas most people would want to know about before putting in an offer on a home. It is in the best interest of both the buyer and seller to see the documents first so that people do not waste time. Once the information is disclosed it is not uncommon for people to cancel their offers which can lead to frustration for the seller.

Buying New Condos

When you buy Bay area condos for sale you are better able to get the full scope of building details as they are all new. Research is limited as you can ask for blue prints and find out the materials used, etc. in order to get a better picture of the property you are buying. It can prove a less expensive undergoing as well as many bay area condos for sale will assist with easy financing options making finding a mortgage easier as well. All in all a new condo or apartment can help set your mind at ease.

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