Baby Cars: A Fun and Exciting Gift!

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Gifts

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Did you know that babies can drive even before they can walk! Well, some of them can, anyway, when they get the gift of a baby car. A cute little pedal car can be a fun way for a baby or toddler to get around, giving them a bit of exercise while they get moving. Baby cars are designed for kids that are a bit older, in fact, and they do require some skills at pedaling and steering. But getting a baby car for your favorite little kid is a great way to become their favorite in a hurry. It’s never too early to get on a baby’s good side!

Styles of Baby Cars

The cutest baby cars are stylish and classy looking. Sure, there are simple plastic models that are cheap. But they’re also clunky and not nice to look at. Today you can buy baby cars that look like fire engines, police cars, or stylish classic cars in many colors. What about a bright yellow convertible for your favorite baby? They’ll be cruising around in style for a long time when you buy a higher end baby car that will actually last. Plus, the high end baby cars can actually be steered and have working pedals that really give the child the feeling of being independent. It’s like their first bicycle, except baby cars can’t tip over because they’ve got four wheels instead of just two.

Prices of Baby Cars

For a good quality baby car you can expect to pay anywhere between about $250-$300. That may seem like a lot for something that has to be pedaled, but think of how much fun they’ll have with their baby car. They can use a baby car to get used to the feeling of pedaling and then when they’re a bit bigger they’ll be ready to ride a bike. Plus, learning to steer and not do too much crashing into things is a big plus. With cheaper baby cars you’ll find that the steering is non-existent, in other words the wheels don’t move and the child can only go in straight lines. Plus, in general when you buy something cheap you get what you pay for. Baby cars that are going to work well and look great are going to cost a bit more, but you’ll get a lot more for the money you spend.

Safe But Exciting Fun

Little kids love being mobile, just like us adults. They like to feel independent and they enjoy a toy that really lets them cruise around, even if it’s just in the back yard. Baby cars are a great gift for little kids, and you’ll find that parents appreciate them, too.

Go To Baby has a selection of high end baby cars that can be driven by toddlers and small children safely. The high quality parts and adorable styles ensure that both kids and their parents will love their new baby car.


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