Bankruptcy Lawyers Fontana, CA – Preparing for Consultation

Jun 09, 12 Bankruptcy Lawyers Fontana, CA – Preparing for Consultation

When you have decided to file for bankruptcy, you will need to search for bankruptcy lawyers Fontana, CA to guide you through the whole process. One of the first things you will have to do when you find the lawyer that you want to hire is attend a consultancy meeting with the lawyer. If you want to get the best out of this initial meeting, you should ensure that you prepare for the meeting.

You should prepare a comprehensive list of your creditors. This list should include the contact information of the creditors. Bankruptcy lawyers will be able to contact these creditors and inform them of your decision to file for bankruptcy. This will allow you to have some respite from your creditors. Your lawyer will deal with any creditors that continue to harass you even after they have been informed of your petition.

You should also include the amount of money owed to each creditor on the list and include the total of all your debt. This will help your lawyer in advising you on the best course of action for your case.
Collect all your statements. This should include your latest bank statements, your car payment statements, and any mortgage statements. They will show how much is still owed and how much disposable income you have. They will also show any claims that you have.

Bankruptcy lawyers also need to see a list of your unsecured creditors. This list should include all those you owe for medical bill payments, personal loans, leases that were broken, and for credit card bill payment. Include the amount of money owed to each creditor against their name. Total it up so that you know how much is owed in unsecured loans.

In some cases, store cards are secured. You may have purchased something from the store using the card and have not paid for it. If the debt is unsecured, you should include it in your unsecured loans list. However, if it was secured you should list them separately and include the amount owed and total.
If there is property under your name that you have recently sold or transferred (through a time share, inheritance or any other circumstances), you should include all information about this property in your file. This information may be an explanation, title deed, a statement of agreement, a mortgage, or any other legally binding document. It is important to ensure that your bankruptcy lawyers Fontana, CA know and understand all that has to do with your property. They will be able to build a stronger case for you.

You should also provide your bankruptcy lawyers with a list of all your household expenses and income. This should show how you are having difficulties making ends meet.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Fontana, CA

Bankruptcy Lawyers Fontana, CA

Bankruptcy Lawyers Fontana, CA

Bankruptcy Lawyers Fontana, CA

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