Basic Troubleshooting Steps For Garage Doors in Melbourne, FL That Will Not Open

Since many people use their garage doors in Melbourne, FL on a daily basis it can be a good idea for every homeowner to know a few things they can do on their own if the door will not open correctly. Very often these quick fixes can get their door working properly again without calling a professional repair shop.

Often, if the garage door is not opening, the problem can be in the garage door opener. Testing the garage door opener should first start with checking to see that the unit is getting power and that the circuit breaker for that area of the home does not need to be reset.

If the power is working, the remote for the opener should be checked to be sure it is not the problem. Very often, a remote will stop working due to batteries which need to be changed or because the remote needs to be reprogrammed. If this is the case, then the push button control on the wall in the garage should allow the door to be opened. If the remote works and the push button control does not, it is possible that the wiring to the wall control has become damaged a garage door repair person should be contacted to correct the issue.

If these units do not open the door, then it can be important to determine if it is the opener or the door, which is causing the issue. This can be tested by pulling the emergency release cord that is attached to the opener. This will release the trolley from the drive chain and it will allow the door to be opened manually. If this is not successful, it is very possibly a problem with the tracks on the system.

Most garage doors have tracks, which run along the sides of the doorway. These tracks are designed to accommodate the rollers attached to the end of the garage door sections. In this way, the tracks can guide the rollers as they move up or down. If the tracks are dirty or damaged then the rollers cannot move correctly and this can prevent the door from opening.

To correct problems with the tracks they should be cleaned with a cloth and checked for damage. Minor damage can often be smoothed out with a rubber mallet. Extensive damage may require a professional repair person to handle the issue.

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