Bathroom Remodeling In Barrington Can Provide You With A New Sanctuary

Bathroom Remodeling in Barrington can turn one of the most used rooms in your home into a place that you can relax and think in. If you were to take out your traditional bathtub and replace it with a walk-in tub and a separate walk-in shower, you would have a completely new look. You could add a frosted glass door on the shower complete with a design that has a special meaning to you. Cabinets Plus can provide you with well experienced and professional contractors that can assist you in the perfect remodeling design for your bathroom. If you have the room, installing a double sink cabinet, complete with either two separate mirrors or one large double mirror that conceals a very roomy medicine cabinet.

They can show you a varied selection of bathroom cabinets that lets you choose just the right style and color so it will set the tone of your home decor. You will have a choice between builder-grade, semi-custom and fully customized cabinets so you can be sure that you will have perfect cabinets installed. You may even want to think about putting in marble counter-tops. Marble has beautiful natural color patterns that make each counter-top unique. No one will ever have a counter-top that is exactly the same as yours.

Sometimes Bathroom Remodeling in Barrington will make you take notice of other things in your home. Have you noticed that there is extra static electricity around your home that starts in the fall and continues throughout the winter? Do you need to use more lotion on your hands or that you are getting “shocking” kisses? These are the signs that tell you the air is drying out. It is a tough time for cabinets too. Wood is a natural product that absorbs moisture right from the air. It can cause doors to warp and glue joints to loosen. If you use a humidifier during this dry season, your cabinets will love the moisture levels staying more constant. If you aim for 45% humidity, both your lips and your cabinets will be safer during the winter. This is just one consideration you may want to discuss with your contractor when you are planning the design of your new bathroom.

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