Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Handicapped Persons by Plumbing Repair in Green Bay WI

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors

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Any handicapped member in your family ought to be treated just like any other individuals to feel comfortable in the home. So when designing a home, and you have a handicapped member, you can’t just do it like any other house. Rather, you want to make sure that the disabled will be able to access most of the facilities without difficulties including the bathroom. If you just bought a house that does not allow easy movement of the handicapped in the bathroom, experts in Plumbing Repair in Green Bay WI advise you to make the following changes.

Re-modeling tips for the handicapped

Make sure that the bathroom has enough space for wheelchairs. The bathroom should provide a 5-foot-diameter circle in which wheelchairs should be able to make easy turns. Grab bars should also be installed next to the toilet, in the shower and beside the tub to make the bathroom more accessible. ADA compliant grab bars are the most recommended for this purpose.

A sink should be positioned where someone on a wheelchair can reach without straining too much. Ensure that plenty of room is left underneath the sink to accommodate a wheelchair. The faucets should be within their reach and easy to operate.

The normal toilet seat normally gives problems to the handicapped when using it. This is because it is not raised high enough. The toilet of a disabled person should be raised 18 inches high, which is normally 2 to 4 inches higher than the normal toilet. There are toilet seat add-ons used to raise the toilet the recommended inches.

For those who like using bathtubs, buy a walk-in bath tub for them. Compared to the normal one where you have to step over to get in, a walk-in-bathtub has a light door where you open and get in. The door has watertight seals to avoid any water leakage. A walk-in shower is the best option for them to access showers. The bathroom floor is made the same level with the rest of the house flooring surface for easy access using a wheelchair. This is a good choice for those wheelchairs that can be submerged in water

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