Be radical with your Curtains

Curtains are an option of window dressing that we use as a way of inducing privacy. There are two definitions of a curtain, one being sheers and the other being drapes. The difference between the two is that sheers are made from a very fine weaved nylon and are usually white or cream colored and are meant to hang inside the window as a way of affecting privacy during the day. Drapes, however, are heavy curtains made from cotton, corduroy, velvet, and burlaps curtains, and can also adorn windows and doors to keep out drafts.

Most people think that curtains have to be a certain material and in some homes that is probably true. The inside décor and style of the home can have a big impact on the choices the homeowner makes as to the window dressings. Some prefer Roman blinds, vertical blinds or Austrian blinds, while others prefer no sheers but heavy drapes. Other again prefer both and some prefer none at all.

Making one’s own curtains is a common hobby and you can purchase more or less any type of suitably pliable material as long as it can be sewn and hemmed. Burlap curtains would look highly suitable in a home that has a ‘natural’ theme. People who are close to nature and like to be energy efficient as well as using natural fibers for their accessories, clothing and soft furnishings would benefit from using burlap.  People may not think to consider burlaps because it is usually used in the making of sacks, but the durable heavy duty material has a softness to it which can be perfectly suited to many types of soft furnishing.

Soft Furnishings and Options

The soft furnishings in your home include such items as scatter or throw cushions, rugs, carpets, drapes, curtains, furniture coverings and throws.  Some items more suited to burlap would definitely be cushions and rugs. Many rugs are actually backed with burlap—otherwise known as Hessian—and are protected by the durable material. Hessian—burlap—is a weaved material that is generally made from the jute plant skin and it is hard wearing and very though. If you ever tried to cut open a burlap sack you will know that you have to use a really sharp cutting tool.

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