Bed Bugs or Bats? Call the Exterminators in Ft. Lauderdale

It doesn’t matter what kind of bug it is, no one wants it in their home. Unfortunately, an insect can make itself at home most anywhere and they will. The Exterminators in Ft. Lauderdale get calls every day from people suffering insect infestation in their homes. Everything from bed bugs to roaches, ants and wasps, bees and hornets, along with termites. Never try to get rid of them yourself. Call professionals who practice safety measures when they’re eradicating insects that won’t harm you, your children or your pets. Most people know very little about pest control products. The pest control company knows exactly what to use to get rid of the insects you have in your home.

Hiring the Exterminators in Ft. Lauderdale will ensure your safety and with proper treatment, the bugs will be gone in no time. They also deal in eliminating spiders, ticks, fleas, Africanized honey bees, and animal control. If you have skunks, rats, mice, opossum, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, birds or bats, call them immediately before little ones are born. Mice and rats will chew through electrical wires causing a much bigger problem when electrical work has to be done on the home wiring system to keep everyone from being shocked. Exterminators will not harm the animals, but will take them to a natural habitat where they can thrive.

Your home can also suffer devastating consequences if termites eat the wooden beams holding up the home. Most people don’t realize how dangerous it can become when they procrastinate and don’t call for pest control right away. Termites can actually eat your home. Wasps and bees are very dangerous to your entire family, especially if a family member is allergic to bee stings. Fleas will make your animals very ill. Bed bugs awake in the middle of the night and bite, causing itchy red marks on the skin. Some insects are not dangerous, but they can still cause infections to those they bite.

The exterminating company you hire can also deal with grubs, fungus, Avids and caterpillars that are attacking your lawn. They can maintain your shrubs and grass with the application of weed and disease control treatment while they are maintaining the inside of your home. They offer full service to their client’s lawns, including fertilization, lawn aeration and they will also test the soil.

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