Benefits of Getting a Child to an Emergency Dental Care Office in Chicago, IL After an Accident

When a child is involved in any kind of accident, while they are participating in sports or at play, most parents spend time checking the child over to ensure they are not injured. This is especially true when the child has been hit in the area of the head. While any type of injure can be dangerous, those in the head area often require medical attention. This can be especially true if the child has a tooth broken or knocked out. In this type of situation, the parents need to get their child to an office that offers Emergency Dental Care in Chicago, IL as quickly as possible.

In many cases, if a child is brought into a dental office promptly after an accident in which they lost a tooth, the dentist may be able to save the tooth. However, in order for this to occur, there are some essential steps the parents will need to take prior to bringing the child in for Emergency Dental Care in Chicago, IL.

One of the first things a parent will need to do if their child loses a tooth in an accident is to make sure the child is okay and conscious. It is important to make sure the child does not require medical attention from a local hospital before worrying about their dental needs. If the child is coherent and conscious, the parent should make sure the area where the tooth was jarred from the child’s mouth is not bleeding. If it is, pressure applied to the area should stop the bleeding.

The tooth will need to be located and handled very carefully. It should only be lifted using the cutting edge of the tooth. Many first aid kits contain special containers with a solution designed for transporting a tooth while keeping it moist. If this is available, the parent should follow the instructions in the kit. If there is no kit, the parent can place the tooth in a cup and cover it with saliva or milk. Another option is placing the tooth back in the child’s mouth until he or she can be seen by a dentist. In following these steps, the tooth will not dry out, and this is key to a dentist being able to replace it.

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