Benefits of Synthetic Sexual Pheromones

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Health

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Scientists have known for a long time that insects and animals excrete pheromones, but it was more recently discovered the same is true in humans. Sexual pheromones can motivate attraction from the opposite sex and have also been found to improve communication and trust. Retailers now sell synthetic varieties that are easy to use and very effective. Keep reading to learn more about why you might find they’re something you can’t do without.

Depend on Lab-Certified Potency

One clear benefit of the synthesized varieties is that laboratories have certified them for effectiveness. Those that are naturally produced by humans get expelled from the body in substances like sweat, so it’s impossible to control whether you use them to attract someone. In contrast, sexual pheromones available for purchase are consistently blended for particular results, so you can depend on them to work reliably, and apply them to your skin whenever you’d like.

Purchase Versions for Different Purposes

Synthetic versions also frequently include complementary ingredients to accompany oxytocin, a substance often referred to as a love pheromone. If you want to be intimate with a partner more often or feel more able to attract strangers, there are carefully formulated products that cater to those needs.

Some also help a wearer seem more trustworthy to others. Try them if you’re getting set to meet with new clients at an important business meeting and want to do everything possible to help it go well.

Buy Sexual Pheromones Privately and Securely

Retailers of pheromone products usually sell them in ways that let buyers enjoy a wide assortment of choices. Many items are also shipped in non-descriptive packaging so you can feel comfortable about trying them without the knowledge of people in your household.

If you’re wary about purchasing online with a credit card because you’re concerned about security, or perhaps don’t want a spouse reading the monthly statement to see what you’ve purchased, websites that sell bottled sexual pheromones may offer the ability to purchase with PayPal.

Perhaps you’ve been curious about these products, but haven’t felt bold enough to give them a try. Now that they’re so easily to obtain through the Internet, there’s nothing to lose. Try them today and see if they give your love life a boost and help you feel more confident as a result.

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