BMW Excellence Spans Globe from London Olympics to Round Rock, TX

Feb 03, 12 BMW Excellence Spans Globe from London Olympics to Round Rock, TX

The Daily Mail is reporting that BMW plans to provide 4,000 vehicles to Olympic dignitaries for the 2012 London Olympic games. The brand new luxury vehicles will be shipped from Germany to London in order to escort dignitaries and officials to the events. According to sources, some officials will be given their own BMW with a chauffeur who will escort them from hotels to the Games. Other officials will share the remaining pool of vehicles as needs arise.

According to the Daily Mail, BMW is donating the Olympic vehicles as part of its sponsorship deal. When the Games have concluded, the used cars will be sold. Though some environmentalists have complained about the carbon footprint implications, a BMW spokesperson has countered that BMW was chosen by the Olympic Committee because they had the ability to provide a diverse fleet of vehicles which could meet the emissions threshold required by the committee. In addition, many diesel and electric vehicles will be utilized.

Halfway around the globe, drivers in Round Rock, TX also enjoy the luxury of BMW. Though these drivers are not traveling to world-class athletic competitions, they put their BMWs into service to get to the office, take their children to school, and enjoy family vacations. Once the car of only the elite, BMW’s excellence in both safety and driving standards has made it the car of choice among business professionals, soccer moms, and everyone in between.

It was once somewhat difficult to find shops in the Round Rock area, or anywhere in TX, for that matter, that had technicians who were certified to service BMW. However, with the rising popularity of BMW and other foreign vehicles in the Round Rock area, finding qualified, certified, reputable service technicians is no longer a problem. BMW service and repair shops are now available throughout the Round Rock and Austin areas such that BMW owners have a wide selection of choices when it comes to their service and repair needs.

If you own a BMW and are looking to have repairs or service, be sure to inquire if the shop has technicians who are trained and certified to work on BMW. Most shops that do will offer a courtesy ride as part of their service and can have your repairs or service completed by the end of the day, in most cases.

And, when the London Olympics roll around, you can cruise about Round Rock knowing that you and Olympic Committee dignitaries have a lot in common.

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