Brighten Your Smile With Dental Implants

If you are looking for dental implants in Summit, NJ then you are in luck because there are several facilities that take care of this procedure for you in a caring and extraordinary way. Dental implants involve a process of placing an artificial tooth root into your gums to help hold a bridge or replacement tooth. The process is fairly simple and is very natural looking and can last a lifetime if it is taken care of properly.

There are two main ways that dental implants in Summit, NJ are performed and these include subperiosteal and endosteal methods. The subperiosteal method is used when the bridge is placed on the bone and the endosteal method is done by using cylinders or screws to place the tooth replacement or bridge surgically into place in your jawbone and these cylinders generally will hold one to two teeth in place. Of course your dental professional will know which option will be best for your particular needs.

Your provider for dental implants in Summit, NJ will be a trained professional who will be able to help place a bridge or replacement tooth in your mouth that will work the same as your natural teeth and will be able to help increase your oral health and will also help you to eat the foods that you love without having to worry about dentures sliding around. You will find that dental implants are super durable and have a long lifespan when you take care of them.

Another benefit of dental implants in Summit, NJ is that your speech can improve and your appearance can also improve as well. With the process of dental implants, the tooth or teeth are fused directly to the bone so that it will look and feel like a natural tooth. The success rate of these types of dental implants is around 98% and most everyone is a candidate for this type or oral surgery. You simply need to have healthy gums and enough bone structure for them to be installed to. You will find that this process is fairly painless and is often less pain than having a tooth pulled. Also it is important to note that they recovery time is very minimal and you will have a minimal amount of pain and discomfort after as most patients simply take ibuprofen or Tylenol to ease the pain. You will be surprised how quickly this procedure can change your appearance and your life.

Be sure to ask your dental provider if they offer any specials or coupons and also be sure to look into your dental insurance to see if this type of procedure is covered.

Dental Implants Summit, NJ – So go ahead and call a local provider for dental implants in Summit, NJ to see if you qualify for these types of procedures. Dentists at Westfield Oral Surgery will offer a free initial consultation to see if you are a candidate for the process.

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