Bring Success to your Therapy Center with a Management Service

Are you having trouble filling beds and keeping your therapy center afloat? Maybe it’s time to bring in a therapy management service. They specialize in sorting out all of the administrative issues you may be facing as well as help you bring in new patients.

You May Just Need Some Help

Knowing when to hire a therapy management service can be difficult. On one hand you have the option of keeping the facility and trying to restore success in your business, and on the other hand you have the option to sell to a new owner. You may be thinking that the facility is just too much for you to handle anymore and the ever increasing empty beds can be daunting. Usually when there is a facility facing these types of problems there are underlying issues that need to be sorted out in order to bring it back to success. Maybe you have had to lay off some employees and everyone just has too much work to handle. Perhaps there are administrative and billing issues that need to be tended to. Whatever the case, a therapy management program will come in and evaluate your facility with unbiased eyes and help you restore your business to success.


Therapy management services are experts in training and continuing education for therapists. They can bring in their therapists to assist with patient care and hold training sessions and education classes to bring your current therapists up to date on current acceptable procedures and processes. As well as ensuring that your patients receive only the best medical care and treatment, these companies also have advanced technology and software. They will implement this technology into your facility so that any inconsistencies in billing or paperwork filing can be brought to light and addressed. One of the most reliable advertising agents is word of mouth. When your facility starts to improve and becomes known as one of the premier facilities in the area, more people will hear about it and want their family members or themselves to be a part of it. But they don’t leave it to word of mouth. Their team of marketing and advertising experts will help draw in new customers and ensure that everyone knows about the improvements at your facility.

If you think that your facility could benefit from therapy management services contact Functional Pathways. They have been helping facilities across the nation for 15 years.

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