Build Customer Loyalty with Around the Clock Chat Support

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Business And Finance

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Internet users who spend time shopping for products and services online have a variety of e-commerce sites available. With such stiff competition between e-commerce business owners, it’s important that you build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Once you have a customer hooked on your product or service, it’s imperative that your customer service helps retain customers by providing real time, around the clock live chat support. Utilizing live chat customer care has many benefits, and you’ll find that customers feel secure doing business with you knowing that they can get help any time of the day or night.

Why Live Chat Support Is Important

You may think why do I need to integrate live chat into my e-commerce site? Won’t customers call if they have a question or concern? Unfortunately, when it comes to e-commerce sites, customers who get confused, have a question, or get distracted by opening multiple browsing tabs, won’t call if they get confused. They’ll simply close out your website and move onto another that they understand.

When you integrate live chat support into your business website, you provide 24/7 customer service to both current and prospective clients. If a client has a question about a product he or she recently ordered, they can hop online and get answers. If a new visitor to your site isn’t sure how to implement a discount code, a real-time customer service representative can assist to help you avoid losing a sale.

How Else Does Live Chat Help My Business?

Live chat support does more than just offer a way for customers to ask questions. Representatives are able to view a customer’s history on the website, including orders, and can help tailor the shopping experience to personal tastes. Representatives can also view how long a particular user stays on one page within your site. If the user seems stalled, or isn’t clicking on any links after conducting a search, a pop-up screen from a customer care rep will offer assistance with finding products, continuing checkout, or placing orders. This can help prevent abandonment of online shopping carts and loss of customers due to confusion.

The cost of utilizing chat support is often half the cost of creating a call center and running numerous phone lines. With LMS E-Commerce Services LLC., you can implement live chat support and help increase customer retention and satisfaction.

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