Bypass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Completely: Get Your Doctor Advice Online!

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Health Care

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Few things have divided America as much as being forced to participate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Whether you already had health insurance and are now losing it, or whether you did not have health insurance but still cannot afford it, subsidized or not, health care has become a contentious subject in almost every walk of life. However here and there some truly creative solutions have arisen. Medical tourism is at an all time high. People who need a heart bypass go to India and pay about $10,000 for the same procedure that would cost a quarter of a million dollars here at home, and that includes airfare, lodging and rickshaw fare! Costa Rica’s number one industry is medical tourism, where they specialize primarily in cosmetic surgery. In North Carolina there are doctors who simply refuse to accept Medicaid or file insurance. Likewise, in Texas, a group of doctors have managed to circumvent both the government and the insurance companies by simply setting reasonable prices for their services which people can afford pay.

Probably one of the most creative solutions of all has to be the virtual hospital at icliniq, where anybody, anywhere, can get expert doctor advice online. Icliniq is an online doctor-patient evaluation/consultation platform that functions via telephone and video conferencing to allow the general public to get doctor advice online. Patients can ask questions and get advice from fully licensed, expert physicians from around the world.

It is possible for people with health concerns to Talk to a doctor whenever they have a health question or concern. Physicians and therapists are available from many different countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, etc. There are currently over 300 doctors available representing over 60 specialties. The icliniq website offers assessment tools, health articles, and a forum where thousands of questions that have already been discussed at length are available to be browsed.

There is no end to human ingenuity and innovation. When government solutions prove to be less than satisfactory, you can now take responsibility for your own health and get doctor advice online at Icliniq. Their prices are more than reasonable, which saves your bank balance, and your health will benefit, too.

Ultimately your health is your own responsibility and waiting weeks and weeks for an appointment with an in person doctor may prove harmful to your health. Instead of going this route, take advantage of the convenience and simplicity that is offered by an online physician service.

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