Call a Lawyer for Compensation Regarding a Brain and Spinal Cord Injury in Tampa, FL

Anyone who is injured because someone else didn’t do their job properly can sue for damages. The amount of damages is based upon the extent of the injuries, the amount of time that a person won’t be able to work and the amount of pain and suffering that they endure. Therefore a person who has sustained a Brain and Spinal Cord Injury in Tampa, FL could expect to win a large settlement.

The injured person will probably have to go through massive amounts of emergency treatment. As soon as possible, they should contact a lawyer such as H. Dennis Rogers P.A.. Even people who have sustained a traumatic brain injury or paralysis, have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. A lawyer will make sure that everything is done in the proper time period. He will also ensure that all of the pertinent evidence is preserved.

In a case where a person fell off of a balcony because the railing broke, the lawyer has to document the brain and spine injuries and link them to the accident. He then has to determine who the negligent party is. After researching the issue and meeting with structural engineers, he can decide to sue either the contractor who installed the balcony railing or the railing manufacturer. He can even decided to sue both. Each of these people, has insurance lawyers who can put the blame squarely on each other. They may also blame the homeowner, because they claim too many people were allowed on the balcony.

The lawyer will interview all of the parties involved as well as independent experts. When they show how the railing was too weak to stand up to the stress of a large party, the lawyer will determine who made the decision to install it. An injured person may wonder how they will ever be able to afford this type of lawsuit. Their personal injury lawyer will take the case on a contingency basis. If he doesn’t win a settlement for his client, he wont get paid. This guarantees that every injured person has their day in court.

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