Call Tree Services in St. Augustine FL to Make Your Home A Safer Place

Meteorologists and environmentalists say that the state of Florida is sure to see a change in climate over the next decade that will involve more severe storms and damaging winds. While most structures are built to withstand hurricane weather after some of the most recent scares, there are still many danger zones around most people’s property due to trees. While we all know just how valuable trees are to us and the environment, some trees are very dangerous as well. As a homeowner, it is a good idea to take a good look at the trees that are present on your property. Professional tree services in St. Augustine FL say that prevention is one of the best things that a homeowner can do when it comes to storm damage.

How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to Trees?

Trees can add a great deal of variety and appeal to property, but in some cases, too many tree, or trees that are too large, can be less of an asset and more of a problem. Large trees are more prone to breakage in high winds, will cause a lot more damage when they come down, and are even harder to care for and maintain. It is best to talk to professional tree services in St. Augustine FL if you have too many trees on your property or if you fear that the large trees could cause problems in the next big storm.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal prices relates strongly to the size and location of the trees that need to be eliminated. Most service professionals offer free estimates for their customers, which can be great when you are just looking for advice. In some cases, homeowners insurance will pay part of the costs to have a tree removed if it is a direct threat to the home or property. Therefore, it is a good idea to speak with your agent after getting an estimate of the costs. If you would like to know more about tree services and tree removal in St. Augustine FL.

Contact Tree Medic Tree Surgeons, Inc., if you need tree services in St. Augustine FL.

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