Can Fulfillments Be Transported?

If they could; then you would need someone to ship them for you; but, outside of fairy tales, it is pretty certain that Shipping Fulfillment Services companies are not in the business of shipping fulfillment of any kind. Such companies do exist; so, what is it the actual service that these companies perform and on whose behalf do they provide their services?


This is a word that has come down to us from the French; they used “logistique” to describe the moving around of troops, their equipment and other essential items while the armies were away from base on campaigns. Today, here at home, we use the word as “logistics” in a more generalized, less specific sense to cover the detailed coordination of a large and complex operation that usually includes the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers.


In today’s vocabulary, shipping involves the transportation of goods by any means; it is not restricted to any form of boat usage – you can ship using the standard postal service to a destination just around the corner from you. Equally, you can ship all your overseas, export orders by airplane.


Older usage links this word with satisfaction, often with a hint of gratification involved; but, today “fulfillment” is more likely to be synonymous with “filled” in the business context of a supplier filling (or fulfilling) his customer’s order. In other words, this is the act of completing the order.

When Is An Order Complete?

To a manufacturer, a customer order can be considered complete once the item has come off the production line and is ready to be collected by someone. Not unreasonably, a buying customer will not consider his order to be complete until the time when he has the correct goods actually delivered to him and in his possession.

Customer Satisfaction Is Fulfilling Customers’ Wishes

It should be good practice for any business to maintain customer satisfaction; not only from ready availability of their product at a fair price for top quality; but, also by bundling together the logistics and shipping side to provide customers with the best Shipping Fulfillment Services. In this way, not only can a customer be happy with your product; but, he can also actually get satisfaction from the whole process of placing his orders with you. What better way to ensure his repeat orders and positive recommendations to others?

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