Can I Move My Awning when I Move Home?

If you own an awning, that awning belongs to you. If can go wherever you go and essentially, if you move home, you can easily take it with you. Once you purchase an awning for your home, it is still yours, unless you sell the home and the awning along with it. If you have put your home on the market and wish to sell it you must list all the fixtures and fittings that you are willing to sell as part of the property before you negotiate a contract with a potential buyer. Make a list of all the items that you want to take with you, such as fire surrounds, cooker, window blinds, drapes or any items that are fixed, yet removable. When you invite people to view your home, make it clear to them that you are taking your hot tub, your garden bench, your swing, your awning or any other piece of fixed equipment, because this can make a difference to whether you sell your home to that viewer or not, in many cases.

Some buyers will want you leave the awning, while others may not be bothered about having it there or not. It may depend on the damage left behind by removing it, as to whether you choose to take it with you or not.

How Do I go About Having my Awning Removed, if I sell My Home?

If you do want to have your awning removed and relocated, you can begin by calling the same company who installed your awning in the first place. When you bought it, you may have been offered an after-sales care package that included the professional removal of the awning, in the event that you moved home. If you were not offered such a deal, ask how much they would charge to take it down and put it back up in your new home.

Talk to a local company and ask what they would charge to remove and relocate your awning. If they are a local company and you are staying within their service area they will probably tell you it will simply be a case of removing and relocating at little cost. Find a company in  Suffolk County moving awnings when you relocate to another home in that area. They can help.


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