Getting a Proper Defense Attorney for DUI in Cicero, Illinois

Nov 13, 23 Getting a Proper Defense Attorney for DUI in Cicero, Illinois

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Finding yourself at the short end of a DUI charge and facing court, you need help from a Cicero DUI lawyer. These lawyers provide help for the Chicago, IL area, although Cicero residents can walk into the office anytime. If you are the spouse of someone charged with a DUI, the Cicero DUI lawyer can help you too. The Details in the Case When meeting with the lawyer, know the details in the case. Get a police report before the meeting if you can. The lawyer can scan the report to see if anything is amiss. Improper procedure or mistakes in processing someone accused of a DUI can help the lawyer find a way to get the charges dropped or the sentence reduced. If there’s anything else you can add, such as prescription medications the accused takes or reasons out of the ordinary that they might have been driving under the influence, be sure to mention that to the lawyer. DUI Convictions and Punishments Are Harsh DUI convictions and punishments are quite harsh. If you serve time, lose your license, etc., that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Something like this follows a person for many years to come, complicating employment opportunities. It’s best to get a lawyer to help you or your family member instead of trying to handle it yourselves. Building a defense and getting heard in court is what DUI lawyers do. Contact Koch & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law for more information. Be the first to...

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