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If you want clean, sparkly teeth free from cavities, you must change your diet for the better. A diet full of carbs, and lacking vegetables, will wreak havoc on your oral health. Your gums may bleed, bacteria will thrive and teeth could even crack. If you consume acidic food and drinks, you could destroy the protective enamel layer on the outside of your teeth. Improving your diet will greatly benefit your teeth and is quite easy to do. Start with the following three changes to take a step toward improved oral health.

Fewer Carbs

Bread, crackers, chips, cookies and other processed foods are the most obvious source of carbohydrates. However, starches, like those found in potatoes and noodles, can also contain a lot of carbs. You should eat a limited amount of these items to start the healing process in your mouth. Many people eat more than 300 carbs a day without noticing. If you start reading labels, you could drop that level below 100 quite easily.

More Vegetables

The road to fewer carbohydrates is paved with green vegetables. You’ll be consuming a lot more of these veggies after cutting down on the carbs. Luckily, fibrous vegetables also help protect your teeth and gums from harm. Vegetables have a tough consistency that scrubs plaque biofilm off the surface of your teeth. In addition, the vegetable matter doesn’t stick in the grooves of your teeth like carb-laden foods do. Even if it did, the lack of sugar in the veggies makes their matter pose little risk to your tooth health. Finally, veggies contain a lot of calcium and vitamins that improve your oral health considerably.

Cut Out Acids

Acid substances are not good for tooth enamel. Enamel slowly breaks down when in contact with the acids. Most acids change the consistency of your saliva temporarily, extending their harmful effect for several hours after consumption. Common acidic foods include oranges, lemons, limes and fruit drinks. Although these items contain vitamin C, it’s best to limit them and take a multivitamin to supplement your needs.

Visit a Dentist

If you want more information about changing your diet for the better, consult a dental group in Hawaii. Dentists know exactly which changes are needed to keep teeth strong and healthy. You can visit a dental group in Hawaii anytime for a checkup to gauge your oral health and talk about preventive measures.

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