Charged with Drunk Driving? Hire a DWI Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Being stopped for drunk driving is a frightening experience. It’s one of the rare times that a person isn’t allowed to speak with their attorney before making legal decisions. The police may ask them to blow into a breathalyzer, submit to Blood Alcohol Test or perform a Field Sobriety Test. If the defendant refuses to cooperate at any point in the investigation, there can be serious consequences. Even though the defendant won’t be permitted to speak with a DWI Attorney in Minneapolis MN immediately, they should tell the police they want to call a lawyer. Then they shouldn’t say another word.

Many people mistakenly think that their first drunk driving charge isn’t a big deal. This is especially true if they were pulled over and no one was hurt or there wasn’t any property damage. They are wrong. Depending upon the circumstances, they can be facing a serious felony charge. They could lose their license, see large increases in their car insurance, and even face jail time. They will even have to take and pay for an expensive alcohol education class. A felony conviction could make it difficult to get a job. It also stays on their record forever. If they are ever convicted of a second felony, a much harsher sentence would be imposed.

Even if a defendant fails a breathalyzer test, their DWI Attorney in Minneapolis MN can question the validity of the test in many ways. The breathalyzer equipment must be maintained properly. The attorney may ask to see the maintenance records. If the required maintenance was not performed on schedule, then the results could be questioned. The test must also be administered in the correct manner. If this was not done, then the results can be invalidated. Any evidence must also be handled properly or it won’t be allowed at trial.

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