Checklist for Physicals in Charleston WV

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Health Care

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Throughout a person’s lifetime there will be several different occasions where they will need to participate in a physical exam. Some of the most common occurrences that will require this appointment can include enrollment in a sport, being hired at a new job, or simply the age of an individual requires routine check ups. Regardless of the reason for needing a physical exam, it is important that individuals are educated about the appointment and are fully aware of what to expect. Thankfully, in most cases the Physicals in Charleston WV is quick and simple.

Although the checklist followed for Physicals in Charleston WV will vary from clinic to clinic, most individuals will generally find the process to be extremely similar. Some of the most commonly checked areas during a physical exam will include:

* Vital Signs

* Head

* Ears

* Eyes

* Nose

* Mouth and Pharynx

* Neck

* Cranial nerves

* Posterior thorax

* Posterior thorax – Lungs

* Anterior thorax – Lungs

* Abdomen

* Upper extremity

* Lower extremity

* Neurological

* Back/Spine

In most cases an individual will be directed to visit a particular clinic for their physical exam, however, if a person is not given a required location, it is recommended that they consider all of their options prior to setting up an appointment. Thankfully, there are several reliable and friendly locations that provide physical exams, including DOT Physicals. The type of payment method accepted for these appointments will vary from location to location, therefore it is important that patients are aware of their options prior to attending the appointment. Unfortunately, there are an abundant amount of different illnesses and diseases individuals are exposed to on a daily basis, in order to ensure that a person is in optimal health they will need to take part in physical exams.

When a person is wanting to receive a physical they have many different locations available to choose from. In most cases the Physicals in Charleston WV are quick, easy, and are able to leave the individual with the peace of mind they require to live their lives to the fullest. The checklist for each physical will vary slightly, however, in most cases a person will be thoroughly examined during their appointment.

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