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by | Apr 28, 2014 | Shopping

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When it comes to Muslim women, scarves are perfect for any season. You can always remain beautiful but modest in a singular hajib. Whether you wish to follow the current trend for monochromes or prefer to face the world in a swirl of color, scarves are the perfect component. As an integral part of a sophisticated abaya or part of a workday skirt, blouse, pants ensemble, for Muslim women, scarves are not for one season but for many.

Stay cool in an elegant hijab. For summer, opt for pale colors. White is always popular. Stay cool as you walk through the summer’s blazing sun. Select a cotton or linen scarf. Adorn it with a simple, but effectively placed hijab pin.

If you don’t like the simplicity and purity of white, why not choose a delicate and oh so feminine floral pattern. White and pink are the perfect combination. They make you look soft, feminine and modest.

For fall, browns, oranges and bolder colors are always reliable. These colors brighten up any abaya. Muslim women’s scarves add a splash of color to subdued tones for those cooler days. Co-ordinate your scarves with all your outfits. Present to your family and the outer world a picture of a chic, “together” woman.

In fall, choose scarves made from a variety of materials. Silk Viscose blends and other combinations provide that soft touch but many other possibilities exist. These include rayon, polyester blends and lurex.

Winter divides fashion into two schools. Some submit to the season and wear black or white. It seems to match the sensation of damp and cold in many countries. The other school believes the response to the weather is to appear in brilliant shades and hues. They prefer to stay modest while wearing fuschia, orange, animal print or similar stand-out Muslim women’s scarves. The materials are any and every possible human and nature made.

Spring is a time for softness. It is a time when pastels call out. For the Chic and trendy Muslim women, scarves are not a blaze with color, but answer to the modest attempt of nature to be reborn. Sheer fabrics and soft colors – pinks, pale greens, are the colors of this season.

All Seasons
Bold, modest, chi, elegant and graceful – Islamic fashionable women scarves are apparel for all seasons.



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