Chicago Cosmetic Dentists Can Give Patients a Smile They Love

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Dentist

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It’s sad to watch people who are self-conscious about their teeth. Whenever they talk they keep their mouth closed as much as possible, they never smile, or they put their hands in front of their face. Sometimes this results in people thinking that they aren’t very friendly. If they would talk to one of the Chicago cosmetic dentists, they would learn that there are many different options to help them. Dr. Peter Tomaselli has over 20 years of experience helping patients get the smile they always have wanted.

Many adults today are suffering with crooked teeth because their family didn’t have the money to have their teeth straightened. Now that they have the money as adults, they don’t feel that grown-ups should have a mouth full of metal when they work professionally. Invisalign is the perfect answer for many of them. Instead of using metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth, the dentist uses clear transparent aligners that aren’t noticeable when worn. The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s mouth. This information is fed into a computer that determines the best location for the patent’s teeth. It then designs a series of aligners for the patient to wear. Every two weeks the patient gets a new aligner.

Once the patient’s teeth are straight, they may notice that they are not as white as the person would like. In just one or two hours Chicago cosmetic dentists can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Patients sometimes fear that whitening teeth damages the tooth enamel. Many of the whitening processes actually strengthen the enamel, because stronger enamel resists staining and discoloration. Straight and whiter teeth can make a person look much healthier and younger.

If a person is self-conscious about a gap between their two front teeth, the dentist can use porcelain veneers to solve the problem. Porcelain is strong and resists discoloration and it can be made to match the patient’s existing teeth. Veneers are thin shells that fit over the front of the teeth. They take two or three visits to complete. While they can be used to cover all of a patient’s teeth, sometimes they are used more strategically to solve a specific issue such as a gap between the front teeth. Contact Chicago Smile Design to know more.

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