Child Adoption Austin Process

Child adoption Austin process is legal, recognized by the state of Texas. Basically, the adopting parents are responsible for the well being of the child being adopted. Therefore, this process should not be ignored rather it should be taken into consideration by any family opting to adopt a child.

Most of the times, the adoption process is carried out by an adoption agency. You are required to chose an agency to help you in the adoption process. For this reason, it is important as a family wishing to go down this road of adoption to familiarize yourself with what is entailed in the process.

1. The first step involved in the child adoption process is the information meeting. An informational meeting is scheduled, where the soon-to-be adoptive parents will be taken through the requirements for adoption. The potential parents should be at least 21 years old, be financially stable and most importantly, have no criminal record nor have a neglect or an abuse record.

2. The second step is assessment. The assessment is usually carried out by Department of Family and Protective Services staff members. The assessment is done on individual parents and several questions are asked. They will test your preparedness both physically and mentally in regards to the adoption, the living arrangements for the new member in the family, your income and stability. This step helps in determining your suitability as the adopting parents.

3. After completion of the assessment, it is mandatory for the soon-to-be parents to undergo through a 35 hour pre-child adoption training known as Parent Resource Information Development Education, or commonly known as PRIDE. This training is formulated to help families to better understand the changes that will take place during a child adoption Austin process. It also highlights the kind of problems you are likely to encounter, have an understanding about child development and creation of a bond between the parents and the child being adopted.

4. Next in the process of child adoption, is home study. This is carried out by the DFPS member, who will visit the home where the child will reside in. The home is screened for potential safety hazards, in addition to the family history, lifestyle and the parenting capabilities of the soon-to-be parents. This is done to ascertain the suitability of the family to adopt.

5. Matching is the next step in the child adoption Austin process. In case of newborns, it takes a long time as there is usually a waiting list. However, it is different with older children. The potential parents can review the profiles of the children available and if need be, they meet with the children.

6. Finally, after a match has been made, the court finalizes on the child adoption process by filling the necessary paperwork. The court has to ascertain that the child is eligible for adoption and that the parents are willing to adopt the child permanently then the deal is sealed.

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