Choose a Sports Physicals Practice that is Ready When You Are

Before attending functions such as camp or becoming a member of a sports team, schools will often require you to get a full physical to ensure you are able to participate. This is handled by a Sports Physicals Practice, and the Midwest Express Clinic is such a facility. A sports physical will include a large variety of tests to ensure you are healthy and that you have no physical issues that may hinder your safety. This can include questions about your past medical history and conditions such as asthma or heart problems. During this part of the examination, it is very important to give honest replies to all questions.

During the sports physical, the doctor will also record your weight and height, your blood pressure and your eyesight and hearing test results. They will check your joints, muscles, and various other aspects of your body. The reason most schools suggest getting a sports physical before you do activities is to ensure these activities will not complicate any existing conditions. However, if you have a problem such as asthma, this does not mean that you cannot participate. It simply means that your doctor may want to find out if additional medication will be needed to help you to control it while you are playing sports. It is all done to protect you, even if it does seem like a little bit of a hassle.

The Sports Physicals Practice you will find in Willowbrook, IL and Schererville, IN are available on a walk in basis because they are immediate care facilities able to handle anything you bring their way. This is great for those students who do not have a regular doctor or have a doctor who is booked up and they need the physical immediately. These clinics are just as thorough at helping you out as the emergency room, but your wait time will be substantially less. You have school to deal with Monday through Friday. At an immediate care facility, you can come in on the weekends to get your physical when other offices may be closed. Why not take advantage of it?

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