Choosing Beautifully Lettered Marble and Granite Headstones in CT

When a person dies, the family needs to have a service of compassionate adoration, complete with friends and family paying their last respects. There is another step in this final celebration, and that is in the headstone chosen to mark the grave.

Associates of the monument companies can advise families on what they would like inscribed on the headstone or marker, along with accuracy of all words and lettering. When families choose their Headstones in CT, they can be placed on the grave before anyone has passed away. Exact dates of a death can be put on the stone after a loved one passes away. Asking names of companies from people in town will help find one that has been providing memorials and markers for family graves for over a hundred years. You’ll find exceptional companies in the area that specialize in granite, marble and brass Headstones in CT. There are many designs and styles to choose from with inscriptions that will be accurate and precise.

Existing monuments can be hand etched, sizes and colors matched perfectly, whether the monument is of wood, stone, brick, marble or granite. After years of abuse from wind and weather, the lettering on a monument can be almost invisible. For this reason, many people choose to have their family monument repainted, repaired or restored. Knowing the best company to call will ensure that the monument will look as good as new when completed. The lettering on headstones is extremely important for those searching through family plots and who want to see where ancestors are buried. A descendant, seeking out a great, great grandfather and being able to find him through a well-marked headstone is astounding.

This is the type of job a monument company does for families. Log on to Website URL where you’ll find one of the best in the area. They will go out to the cemetery location and re-letter the headstone right there or take it back to their place of business to do the lettering. There are many colors an associate can help you to choose from, including black, mountain rose, Canadian pink, grey and mahogany. Many cemeteries have requirements regarding certain types and sizes of stones allowed to be placed within the cemetery. The monument company you hire to letter and place a monument on your family grave will be up-to-date on the types of stones allowed in each cemetery.

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