Choosing New Windows in Tucson: How to Find Windows That Will Significantly Lower Your Energy Costs

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Home Improvement

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If your Tucson home has older windows that aren’t energy efficient, you’re probably paying way too much for your utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your energy costs can increase by as much as 25% if your windows are aging, substandard or improperly installed. Fortunately, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling costs by updating your home with New Windows in Tucson. Here are some tips to help you select high-performance, energy-efficient windows that will pay for themselves over time.

Block Out the Sun

To minimize the effects of the hot Tucson sun, look for windows that feature a low-e coating and at least 2 panes of glass. In the hotter months, the low-e coating will reflect back the sun’s rays and keep your home’s interior cooler. Double-pane windows will further shield your home from the warming effects of the sun. To maximize energy savings, the U.S. Department of Energy also recommends applying sun-control films on any windows that face south.

Look for Low Numbers

When reading the energy-efficiency labels of potential replacement windows, remember that lower numbers mean higher performance and energy cost savings. What numbers should you be looking at? First, look for the SHGC, or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This measures how well a window will protect your home from the heat and sun. Next, check out the window’s U-value. This number represents how well the window protects against heat loss during cold weather. How low should these numbers be? According to, a value of 0.25 for both U-value and SHGC is ideal, but slightly higher numbers are efficient as well.

Find the Right Frame

The material your window frames are made of can significantly effect your energy savings. Most homeowners today choose either wood, aluminum or vinyl framing. Wood is the best choice if you’re looking for rock-bottom energy costs, but it can be more difficult to maintain than other materials. Vinyl also does a good job of reducing energy leakage at a budget-friendly price. However, it’s important to make sure vinyl frames are made of high-quality materials and are professionally installed. Aluminum frames aren’t typically recommended for Tucson’s climate.

Choosing the right New Windows in Tucson can dramatically reduce your energy costs. To learn more, Click Here to talk to the experts at The Window Depot.

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