Choosing Spray Foam Insulation

by | Aug 3, 2012 | Business And Finance

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One of the newest forms of insulation is spray foam insulation in Green Bay. Spray foam insulation starts out as liquid polyurethane. Once it has been sprayed into the desired area it will dry into solid foam. This type of insulation is believed to be more energy efficient and safer for people to be around in addition to being environmentally friendly.

One of the big advantages to spray foam insulation in Green Bay is that it is liquid. Unlike the more traditional insulation products it has the ability to fill in the small cracks and holes where it expands and protects. This will give your home the ultimate seal providing an easier way to regulate your indoor temperature. It virtually stops the escaping of heated or cooled air from getting out of your home. This in turn will reduce your energy bill.

Foam insulation is considered a safer form of insulation. Fiberglass insulation can leave you feeling itchy and you have to be careful how you get it off of your body. There is also some discussion on whether inhaling fiberglass insulation may be detrimental to your health. Foam insulation has none of these issues. Foam insulation is also an excellent choice when you want to keep moisture at bay as it creates a moisture barrier. It may help to reduce the mold and mildew that could form without a moisture barrier. Another advantage to filling in all those small cracks and holes is it will help to keep the creepy crawlies out of your house as well.

Another advantage to spray foam insulation in Green Bay is that it is not flammable. It will also settle and shrink with your home. Your home is constantly expanding and contracting and shifting. Spray foam insulation will move with it.

Spray foam insulation does not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that are considered harmful. This makes it environmentally friendlier than some other types of insulation. The only downside to spray foam insulation may be the cost. It can be considerably more expensive than the more traditional types of insulation. It will be up to you to decide if the added cost has enough added value to make it worth the expense. You will likely want to take the time to do some research before you make your final decision.


Spray foam insulation in Green Bay is a very effective way to insulate your home and keep your energy costs in check. It will provide barriers for moisture and bugs. Having you spray foam insulation in Green Bay done by a professional will ensure that your insulation will be done properly.


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