Choosing The Best Live Video Boards For Your Needs

by | May 7, 2014 | Business

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Regardless if you call them digital signs or live video boards, these high tech signs as definitely a marketing must for all sizes and types of businesses, schools, hospitals, transportation facilities, sporting venues and just about any other location. Designed to allow you to get information to people in an eye catching, informative and reader friendly way, they offer a great return on investment for years to come.

Quality Matters

Not all live video boards are designed with the same attention to detail and quality. You should select a company that provides only the best possible product, which means doing a bit of research. Find out what projects in your area, or on a national or international basis, that the signage company has completed. This is typically not different with the top companies as they will list their past clients on their website.

From that information you can search for a particular building or venue and take a look, online, at the quality of the sign. If you are dealing with a major company then you may also be able to see their work at a local or major league sporting event or at an airport, bus terminal or a business in your vicinity.


There are different factors that will enhance or downgrade the appearance of the information displayed on live video boards. When you get into the huge jumbotron types of boards and displays it is critical to play close attention to the appearance of the image, especially if it is streaming live video. Despite the massive size the images should be crisp and clear and not distorted, grainy or blurry.

The color should be accurate and the lighting set up to optimize picture quality from all possible angles of view. This is particularly important for live video boards that may be outside, such as seen at major league or minor league sporting events, as direct sunlight can limit the ability to see the screen.

The best live video boards for your needs may be different than what other businesses, organizations or facilities require. Working with a company that specializes in this type of technology is the best option as they can provide you with information, advice and assistance in choosing just the right board for your project.

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