Choosing the Best Senior Apartments in Iowa City IA for Your Loved One

When a loved one has reached the golden years, it is often difficult for them to live all alone in their own homes. They may need assistance with various tasks, have transportation needs or simply wish to have someone to spend time with them frequently. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for friends or family members to be available to help every day. However, there is another option that can provide your loved one with a wonderful place to reside where the necessary care or assistance will be readily available. The senior apartments in Iowa City IA provide excellent residential homes for seniors while also ensuring they receive all the services needed to live comfortably.

Choosing the best type of apartment for your loved one depends on the type of assistance that is needed. If your senior family member is still very independent and can still manage most of their regular routine activities on their own, the independent living apartments will be most suitable. These apartments have a full kitchen with all appliances included. They also have washers and dryers so that residents may do their own laundry. The independent living apartments provide all the amenities of living in your very own home.

For residents who require some assistance to complete regular daily tasks, the assisted living apartments are more fitting. The apartments have kitchenettes and extra safety features for those who may fall on occasion.These residence can be assisted with household chores, meal preparations and any other duties they need help with. Since every resident is different, the amount of assistance they receive is based on how much they need and want help with.

There is also an area here that is specially designed for those residence who may have dementia, Alzheimer’s or other conditions that impair their memory. The memory care area provides a comfortable living environment that also provides complete 24 hour care. Residents are provided with personal care, meals, taking medications and activities that give them added life enjoyment.

All residents are provided with activities where they can socialize with each other and develop lifelong friendships. The staff at this facility takes pride in making every resident feel like they are loved and appreciated. Many residents say they feel they are now a part of a large, caring family.

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