Choosing The Right Abrasive Blasting Supplies

Feb 18, 22 Choosing The Right Abrasive Blasting Supplies

Professionals know that choosing the right abrasive blasting supplies is the key to a good finish. When you use the right abrasive, you maximize your profits by completing the job quickly and expending the least amount of abrasive.

Characteristics of the Surface

Generally, you want to use the finest abrasive blasting supplies possible to get the prepared surface that you desire. With a fine abrasive, you get more impact per volume. The more particles that are contained in the stream, the more work you will get done in the same amount of time. You do not need a hard, costly abrasive when you are blasting wood or concrete, a coarse particle such as crushed glass is an excellent option.

Anchor Pattern

When a hard enough particle hits steel, it deforms the surface creating a valley and pushing up peaks. The distance from the top of the peak to the bottom of the valley is called the depth profile. The applied finish needs to fill the valleys as well as cover the peaks completely. To get the correct depth profile, you may need to go over the surface with a fine abrasive.

Blast Media Properties

Finally, when choosing the right abrasive blasting supplies, you will need to understand the blast media properties. This means that you want to choose a media that is the right size, shape, density, velocity, and hardness. This in combination to what you learn about the depth profile and the surface characteristics, you will be able to get a quality finish on every project, every time.

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