Choosing the Right Aggregate for Concrete Livonia MI

Most people know that in order to prepare concrete for use, decisions must be made about the aggregate. What they may not realize is that not all forms of this additive are ideal for all purposes. When talking with a professional about some type of home improvement project that will involve concrete Livonia MI, it pays to determine the best additives for the purpose at hand. Browse website for more details.


Gravel is easily one of the most common types of aggregate used for home projects. The gravel can help to add a decorative touch to pathways and even to a driveway. It also has the advantage of providing a sturdy surface that is likely to last for a number of years.


Sand is a great option when the homeowner wants a strong concrete surface but prefers a smoother texture. Like gravel, it can be used for driveways, paths through a back garden, and even as the slab for a patio. This type of aggregate helps to yield a surface that can easily be sealed later on, and will provide years of excellent service.

Crushed Stone

This particular option can also have some decorative benefits as well as being functional. This approach will work well with the creation of retaining walls that help to create islands of flora and fauna along terrain that is not level. All sorts of stones can be used in the process, with some of them crushed into smaller sections and others remaining in larger sections.

Recycled Concrete

Today, another option to consider is the use of old concrete that is crushed to a size that makes it useful for aggregate. This approach will easily provide plenty of strength to the new construction, and has the benefit of keeping the older product from taking up space elsewhere, like in a junkyard. Deciding which type of aggregate will depend greatly on the function of the construction and the look that the homeowner wants to achieve.

The experts at Olson Cement Work & Construction Livonia MI can work with clients to identify the best way to mix the concrete Livonia MI and ensure that the finished construction is exactly what the homeowner wants.

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