Cigar, cigarillo; what’s the difference?

If you are a Spanish speaker you will consider the word ‘cigarillo” to mean the same as cigarette, however, in English it means “little cigars” which is the literal translation from Spanish. A cigarillo is smaller in diameter and shorter than a cigar and is wrapped in who leaf tobacco rather than paper as a cigarette is. Many cigarillos are complete with a filter, some are plastic and others are wood.

Cigarillos are more common in Europe than in the US, however they are gaining ground, they are often referred to in Europe as “seven minute cigars” as that is about as long as it takes to enjoy one. They are to be smoked no different than a cigar, the smoke is to be taken in and savored; they are not to be inhaled. Let’s have a look at what makes a cigarillo different from a cigar.

  • Size: This is obvious, the cigarillo is smaller in diameter and shorter in length but the construction is the same, a filler of tobacco and a wrapper of tobacco leaf.
  • Taste: Taste really is not an issue with either cigars or cigarillos as every brand has its own uniqueness to it. These products are not like cigarettes which basically all taste the same, other than for the exotics such as the Indonesian Kretek. It matters little whether the products are full size cigars or a little cigars; the taste is emblematic of the brand and the blend.
  • Manufacturing method: Basically all cigarillos are machine made, very few are still handmade. This is a major difference between a cigar and a cigarillo and it is one of the reasons why they are less expensive.
  • Smoking time: A good cigar can take upwards of an hour to enjoy to the fullest, a cigarillo on the other hand is smoked very quickly. Many cigar smokers turn to cigarillos during the day when they are simply looking for a short break but still wish to enjoy a cigar.

As cigarillos are purchased and smoked a number of times a day they do not need the care that is expected for a full size cigar, there is no need for them to be kept in a humidor. Cigarillos are commonly sold in packs whereas many cigars can be purchased by the piece.

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