Circuit Breakers Keep Electronics Safe

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Business

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With the increase in use of technology and electronic gadgets, circuit breakers have become a more and more important part of daily life. Brands like Mechanical Products circuit breakers serve a big role in keeping our electronics safe to use in our homes, businesses, and our daily environment.

Safety First

Circuit breakers come in all shapes and sizes, from the very large breakers found in industrial applications, to the micro breakers found in highly precise military instruments. There are many different types of breakers and each type has a specific application. For example, Mechanical Products circuit breakers come in waterproof, switchable, and push-to-reset formats. They can also be custom engineered for special applications when a regular breaker will not meet the safety requirements necessary for a new device.

In electronics, the role of the circuit breaker is to live up to its name by breaking an electrical connection temporarily if something goes awry within the circuit. If the electrical load is too high, the breaker is tripped and will disconnect power to the device. In most cases, this will cause the equipment to lose power and shut down. This action protects the circuit from damage including fire and catastrophic failure. Depending on the type of circuit breaker used in the device, once the problem has been resolved, the breaker can either be reset or replaced. In many applications, it is common to have several circuit breakers on hand so that they can be replaced quickly with little downtime.

Military Grade Precision

For very specialized applications, like military use, it is even more important that circuit breakers function as required. Military specifications, also called mil-spec, are very rigorous for this very reason. Circuit breakers are an important part of defense applications to keep military equipment running safely.

You will often find mil-spec breakers like Mechanical Products aircraft circuit breakers in non-military functions including computers, major appliances, and medical and transportation equipment. In each of these uses, circuit breakers protect the expensive equipment from damage.

Many times, engineers request their favorite brand of breakers because they have extensive experience with them and trust their performance and reputation over those of other brands. Mechanical Products circuit breakers are one such type of breaker.

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