Common Problems That Require HVAC Repair in Clearwater FL

by | May 26, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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There are a number of common problems that call for HVAC Repair in Clearwater FL. Knowing what some of these problems are will protect you from being caught unawares if or when they do happen. One such problem is blown fuse. This will usually cause the system to stop working entirely. Fuses are responsible for protecting the system from overheating where the compressors and motors generate excess power and heat. Where the HVAC system stops working abruptly, there is a high chance that a blown fuse is the problem.

A clogged drain line is another fairly common problem with HVAC units. Excess water is usually guided away from the system by the unit’s drain line. Over time however, these lines can accumulate algae, dirt and other debris and therefore clogging them. Once the drain lines are clogged, the system will likely begin to leak. If the problem persists, the result can be acute water damage among other serious consequences.

Dirty filters can also cause a range of problems where HVAC systems are concerned. The primary job of the filter is to protect the unit. If not replaced regularly, the filter can accumulate contaminants and debris making the whole unit inefficient. If the problem is not resolved timely, the unit may suffer major and even permanent damage in the future. Your HVAC system in this case will have to work overtime to perform the same job, leading the unit to be strained. It is best to schedule regular filter change, usually every once or twice a month depending on the usage.

Lastly, improper maintenance can lead to HVAC Repair in Clearwater FL. It is important to have a regular maintenance schedule in place to ensure that the system works as it should. Failure to this will require you to spend even more money on parts and expensive repairs that could easily have been avoided with routine inspections. Many of the problems that occur with these systems are as a result of negligence. Proper maintenance can also drastically extend the life of your system thus saving you even more money in the long-term. For professional HVAC repair, contact Palm Harbor Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Their capable staff will help you resolve any and all of your HVAC related problems at competitive pricing.

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