Common Questions About Lawn Irrigation In Tulsa

Irrigating your lawn can mean the difference between ugly, dried up grass or a lush, green yard. Installing a sprinkler system can give your lawn the boost it needs during the dry summer months. Below are some commonly asked questions that homeowners ask about lawn Irrigation in Tulsa.

Q.) Doesn’t a sprinkler system use more water than when I water my lawn by hand and won’t it make my water bill go up?

A.) A sprinkler system actually uses less water than you may think and it uses less than when you hand water your grass. A sprinkler system is made to water your grass evenly, which is something that you probably can’t do with precision when watering by hand. When you hand water, you’re probably getting too much water in some areas, which wastes water, and not enough in other areas, which isn’t helping your lawn. A sprinkler system can detect when your lawn has the correct amount of water and it will shut itself off automatically. This feature saves water and saves you money, while protecting your lawn from over watering.

Q.) How often should I turn on the sprinkler system to water my lawn and what’s the best time of day for watering?

A.) When you use a sprinkler system for Irrigation in Tulsa, the best time to turn it on is by 6 o’clock in the morning. Your lawn benefits more from watering before the sun starts beating down during the day. In the spring, before the temperatures get really hot outside, you should water your lawn about three times a week. In the middle of summer, you should water it every day or at least 5 days a week. You can tell by looking at your lawn if it needs to be watered more and if the temperatures are blazing hot for weeks at a time, your lawn will need it. If it’s calling for rain, forgo the sprinkler system for that day and let nature take care of it for you.

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