Common Services Provided By Accountants In Queens

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Financial Services

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The management of money can be a highly complex issue filled with regulations and rules. With the help of Accountants in Queens, many of these issues are easily handled, reducing the risk of mismanagement and issues with the IRS. Accountants provide a lot of services to their clients, the type of which depends on the needs of each client.

Tax Services

One of the more known services offered by accountants is taxes, particularly at the start of each year when taxes are due in. However, they provide tax related help throughout the year. They can help keep the process simple by tracking the taxes year round. They also help with issues related to IRS audits and other problems. Not only that, but they can offer invaluable advice on how to get the most back on your taxes and what you can do throughout the year to ensure a smoother filing experience.

Personal Accounting Services

Accountants offer more than just tax preparation. They also offer several services for individuals, such as:

  • Estate Planning

Investment Guidance
Retirement and Social Security Planning
Personal Financial Planning
Money Management

The main goal of accountants when helping people with their personal accounting needs is to help them get the most of the each dollar, track where the money is going, and offer suggestions and advice on saving for the future and working towards complete financial security.

Business Services

The requirements of business finances can quickly become very complex and hiring a full time staff accountant may not be feasible for some businesses. However, accountants are trained and knowledgeable in business accounting regulations, making them invaluable resources for business owners. They can easily handle most, if not all, the accounting needs of businesses, including:

  • Payroll

Business Planning
Cash Flow Management
And More

Even if the business has in house accountants, they can still benefit from the services offered by external accounting firms through the use of audits to ensure their staff accountants are on point and accurate. This is particularly helpful if the numbers just don’t add up right, as a fresh pair of eyes can spot inconsistencies. click here for info regarding other common services offered by Accountants in Queens.

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