Common Signs That Your Car Needs An Alignment

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Automotive

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A car that is in proper alignment is a joy to drive and ride in, because it is usually easy to control as it glides across the road on a straight course. On the other hand, a car that is not in alignment can be very annoying to drive and can end up causing unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle because of being improperly aligned. The word alignment simply refers to the set angle of the car’s wheels, which can change over time as you drive. Because the alignment of your wheels will never stay permanently set in the correct position, it is important that you have your car aligned regularly as part of your maintenance plan. When a mechanic aligns your car, he does so by adjusting the wheels so that they are at the proper alignment with each other and with the road. If you don’t know how to tell when your car needs a Car Alignment Rochester MN service, here are some signs to watch out for.

If you have a hard time keeping your vehicle on a straight course because it wants to drift to one side of the road or the other, then you most likely have an alignment problem. You shouldn’t have to wrestle with your steering wheel just to keep your car going down the middle of a straight road, and if you feel like you constantly have to over-correct for your vehicle as you are driving, then you should take it in to a good Car Alignment Rochester MN shop and have them look at it to see if it needs an alignment. When a car is in proper alignment, it should drive straight without any effort on your part.

If you don’t currently check your tires for wear patterns, then you should get into the habit soon because tire wear can tell you a lot about how a vehicle is driving and performing. If you inspect your tire wear and notice that your tires are wearing out more in the insides or the outsides, then you most likely have an alignment issue and you should take your vehicle to a Car Alignment Rochester MN shop before your tires continue to wear unevenly.

Many people think that a symptom of bad alignment is shaking or vibrating when you are driving your vehicle. However, this is typically due to bad tires rather than bad alignment, so keep this in mind when you are looking for signs that your alignment may be out of whack so that you don’t misdiagnose your problem.

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