Concerns Over Financial Planning in MA and Why St. Germain Overcomes All of Them

The economic states of things are so dynamic and overwhelming, it is absolutely essential to have a financial planner involved in some capacity. Everyone hears horror stories of finances vanishing overnight. A poor investment decision or a devious independent financial partner takes advantage of an individual with a little bit of extra income and no management behind them. Financial Planning MA solves the problem of poor management by providing the exact opposite. For nearly 90 years, St. Germain Investment Management has established an undeniably massively portfolio of success in the financial global market.

Many are hesitant to join together with a financial management service because they are worried about their own finances. They also have concerns about how the firm is being paid. There is no secret that a financial company needs to make some money. Generally, they receive upwards of 2% of assets under management. Some receive straight commissions per financial transaction, and some don’t take anything at all. They force you to pay for financial products. This is not something anyone would prefer.

St. Germain Investment Management is paid 1.25% of total assets under management, substantially lower than industry competitors. These rates are not strict and vary moderately depending on the unique situation of the client.

St. Germain is a local firm for citizens in Massachusetts. This is another point of concern for potential clients. they are comforted by the status of a national firm, without realizing that a national firm can not possibly rival the intimate connection with a local firm. Most can not drive to the national firm direct and speak to the owner. Nor can they speak directly with how is running the account. They speak with a representative and little more. The anonymity of a national firm is distressing and unwelcome.

There is always the overwhelming concern of risk in Financial Planning in MA. But the best firms minimize this as low as realistically possible. For example, omitting investments in the riskier ventures, such as mortgage investments or auction rate securities, they help to provide a service that is both safe and proactive. Investing is a wonderful field worthy of further exploration from those wanting to prosper in new ways.

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