Concrete Flooring a Smart Alternative to Traditional Flooring

For several decades, interior flooring in commercial spaces and residences were limited to carpet, tile, vinyl, wood, and plain concrete. All flooring installed in homes or businesses would require specialized equipment or processing for periodic cleaning and maintenance. For example, tile floors would need to be waxed, carpet would need to be vacuumed and shampooed routinely. A concrete floor only requires a swift mop and sweeping and can last indefinitely, as opposed to other flooring options. However, in the past, concrete floors have been considered too sterile and uninteresting for use in many homes or offices.

Today, thanks to progress made in concrete floors using stamps, dyes, stains, and texturing, concrete floors are seen as a viable alternative to traditional, short-lived flooring options. A concrete floor is cleaner than other flooring options, is nearly maintenance-free, never has to be replaced, and is available in a multitude of colors, textures, designs, and finishes. Designers and architects are increasingly choosing concrete flooring over traditional flooring and mimicking nearly any natural or man-made surface.

A concrete floor in Oklahoma City is cost-effective and long lasting, outliving many traditional flooring options. A concrete floor costs approximately as much as wood flooring, ceramic tile flooring, or quarry tile flooring. Most marble or slate tile far outweighs the cost of a concrete floor, even concrete coloring with the most painstaking and elaborate of designs. At some point, most flooring will need to be replaced. However, a concrete floor is so strong and long-lasting that it will generally never need to be replaced.

Initially, there are many flooring options that are cheaper than concrete. However, when you take into account the actual lifetime of the flooring that you are investing in, as well as the cost of general maintenance and upkeep, the concrete is very obviously a cost-effective option. No concrete floor will need replacement for many, many years; in some cases, concrete flooring has the capability to outlive the building it is in.

No other flooring material is as versatile as a concrete floor in Oklahoma City. From a function and design standpoint, contractors and homeowners and designers can do things with a concrete floor that cannot be done with other types of flooring materials. Nothing compares with the lifespan of a concrete floor or the cost effectiveness. Finally, the impact of a concrete floor in your Oklahoma City home or business is minimal in comparison to the impact of other flooring materials which wear out quickly and are continually replaced.

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