Connecticut Criminal Defense

Criminal cases are complex matters and each time a criminal charge has been filed against someone, there is the potential for the case to have far reaching implications for the defendant’s future.

It is important to take each case in court seriously and to be certain that the way your case is handled is carefully monitored so as to temper its impact on your future criminal record.

Charges are not the same as convictions and it is the job of an attorney to put their client’s best interests first in each and every interaction that takes place within the courts. Clients who are represented by a Criminal Attorney Norwich CT will find that they are more at ease during their court appearances than those defendants who may be attempting a pro se approach, without any attorney representing them.

Having your own attorney will ensure that there is a clear understanding of each legal document you get regarding your case and it will also allow you to get clarification of anything that was not understood by you during your court appearances.

The courts use a language that is specific to the law and to the proceedings they are holding. Your attorney from the Law Office of Peter Catania will be certain to take the time to explain each of your court hearings to you in advance so that you are comfortable that you understand what will be taking place in court.

Your legal counsel will work to represent you in a way that will give you the best outcome for your case. Each client is unique and each criminal charge is also a singular event with specific facts that contribute to the way it is being charged.

When a defendant can rely on their qualified criminal attorney to defend their best interests at each stage of the case, they are better able to focus on the things that they need to do, the obligations they may be required to fulfill.

Going to court without an attorney can feel a bit like visiting a foreign country without an interpreter. The attorney can understand the court proceedings and can explain to their client the implications that their case can have in their lives.

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