Cost-Effective Corporate Relocation Management

by | May 15, 2013 | Moving

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Are you a human resources director struggling to make an employee relocation package fit within the corporate budget? Are you looking to save money by managing the Corporate Relocation in-house? For many of today’s companies, an in-house corporate relocation is a viable way to stay within budget and to keep control of the process from start to finish. If your company meets any of the five criteria below, you could save a substantial amount by managing your own relocation.

Fewer than ten employees per year relocate, and you’re ready to track those worker moves using spreadsheet software.

You and the rest of the HR department can afford to dedicate some time to managing relocations. Your employees need a contact person they can approach with concerns, problems and questions.

Your company’s Corporate Relocation person or group has experience in all aspects of moving, from writing exception-free policies that include fair benefits to all employees, to the tax implications of such a move.

You or your relocation expert has a good working relationship with your supply chain. A corporate move is only as good as the realtors, movers and travel agents who help you prepare for the move and the stress that it entails.

Your employee relocation benefits packages are simple to understand. For example, your company should have a lump-sum, taxable-benefits relocation package for domestic moves.

If your company is working with a very low relocation budget, you can save a substantial amount of money by managing your move in-house. A Corporate relocation management company’s efforts to set and adhere to a budget will offer a greater ROI on a high-volume move; if you’re moving fewer than ten workers per year, it may be more cost-effective to handle them yourself.

No one understands your corporate culture better than the people who work there. Your employees will likely be much more comfortable working with people they already know than an outside hire. If your HR team in charge of move management have the listening skills, knowledge and competency to do the job, you can successfully orchestrate and control your company’s employee relocations.

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