Crate Shipping in Salt Lake City – Tips, Tricks & Practices

by | May 8, 2014 | Shipping

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Shipping crates is not such an easy thing to do, especially with so many rules and regulations imposed by federal agencies and by the government. In order to survive, companies that offer services such as crate shipping in Salt Lake City need to provide outstanding services at affordable prices. One of these companies is Box Pac Custom Crating. In order to make sure that all their customers are satisfied, the experienced workers from Box Pac have the following practices:

* Take Photographs: For starters, crate shipping workers need to take photographs of the insides of a crate in order to provide insurance and be backed up in case something happens or goes wrong with the contents from inside the crate.

* Label Each Crate Accordingly: Another practice that is extremely common among companies in the shipping, transportation and logistics industry is labeling all crates appropriately. This is of paramount importance, especially for crates that carry hazardous materials. Each crate should be labeled according to the level of threat or danger it poses.

* Record all Information: Professional shipping contractors keep all information in a secure location that can be accessed from anywhere. This should work similarly the Cloud, where every device connected can download and upload new information.

* Double Check all Regulations Related to Transport of Hazardous Materials: While most materials and products can be safely transported from one location to another, shipping contractors need to be extra careful when handling hazardous materials. Errors during the packing or the shipping process can easily result in toxic fumes, broken containers or other dangerous hazards that endanger the lives of those around. If a crate contains hazardous materials, it needs to be double checked, regardless of how mild or strong these materials are.

 * Keep into Account the Weather: An experienced crate shipping in Salt Lake City company will strive to ensure maximum security for all crates, regardless of the weather forecast. Prolonged periods of cold or hot temperatures can dramatically affect the contents of the crates being shipped. Rain, snow, ice storms or hurricanes can be quite devastating. Therefore, the professionals from Box Pac Custom Crating are doing a tremendous job each and every time they are shipping crates.

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