Create a Memorable Event with a Virtual Photo Wall

If you are tired of the same old company holiday party, fundraising event or team building function, add a little oomph to the festivities with a virtual photo wall. It can also be used for wedding parties, bar mitzvahs, class reunions, conferences and more. It is a great way to create memories as well as mementos of an occasion.

A Digital Version of a Photo Favor

With green screen capabilities, you can create virtually any type of backdrop when capturing photo memories of your event. With a virtual photo wall, you can take things up a notch with digital additions from photo frames to art concepts to animation. Created images can then be saved to a computer for printing or even for sharing on social media.

How a Virtual Photo Wall Works

If you want to add graffiti and other extras to the virtual digital version of your photographs, you can. First of all, a photographer takes a picture which can then be projected onto a massive screen. Next, your guests are handed “spray cans” which emits light when the cap is pressed. A digital paint is sprayed onto the projected photo, just like you would spray real paint.

With a virtual photo wall and the digital painting of graffiti, your guests have a wide selection of colors to choose from. In addition, you can add special effects such as animation, swirling patterns or even paint drip effects. Stencils can be used or even specially created for your particular event to reflect a common theme, whether it is a bar mitzvah or a product launch for a company. In fact, this type of virtual wall is perfect for custom branding and logo launches for corporate events.

Why You Should Get a Virtual Photo Wall

Technology is always a big draw for guests, even if they are not totally enamored with the latest and greatest gadgets. A virtual photo wall excites the imagination and even draws the staunchest curmudgeon to come try their hand at a little art of their own. It is a conversation starter and memory maker. After all, once a masterpiece is completed, it can be saved digitally, printed as a keepsake and even shared through social media. Truly, memories made by a virtual photo wall could last forever – and make for a great event.


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