Create Amazing Curb Appeal with 120v Landscape Lighting

Nov 12, 13 Create Amazing Curb Appeal with 120v Landscape Lighting

One of the things that real estate agents always discuss when it comes to making a home sell quickly and at the best price possible is the home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to how the home looks from the street and it is important because many buyers will first drive by a home that is listed before making the decision to see the property. If the home doesn’t have curb appeal to them it doesn’t matter how nice the inside is because they’ll never see it. While sellers will improve landscaping, paint the house or make other improvements they often neglect to consider what the home looks like at night. This could be a big mistake since often buyers will also drive around at the end of the day because they want to see the neighborhood at night as well. It is for this reason that sellers should have 120v landscape lighting installed to showcase the home and the landscaping.

Touchscape Accent Lighting can be used in a number of ways to create curb appeal. It can be used to illuminate driveways and walkways. Well placed 120v landscape lighting can make a house appear larger and more welcoming. It can showcase special landscaping and decor such as exotic trees, flowering vines and bushes, decorative fences, the house number and water features. In addition to low voltage lighting there are also solar powered landscape lighting options.

One of the advantages of a professionally installed landscape lighting system is that the placement can be done so that it is practically invisible during the day. This means the system will not adversely affect curb appeal during the daylight hours. Additionally, installing wonderful accent lighting in the family areas such as decks and patios is a great way for the family to enjoy those areas in the evening hours while adding value to the home.

Landscape lighting has improved a great deal in recent years with more options than ever before. Be sure to hire an installer that keeps up with trends and new products. This will assure a modern look with all the energy-saving features currently available so your home’s curb appeal is the best on the block.

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